You Have Created too many pages recently. Please try again later. Facebook Page Problem?

You Have Created too many pages recently. Please try again later.

How solve this problem?

When you want to create a page for business this message shows. you can’t create a new page for business.

You Have Created too many pages recently. Please try again later.
Facebook Page Error!

Maybe, this is one kind of Facebook bug. Until a Facebook developer can’t solves this bug you can’t create for your business new page.

News feeds targeting you can post better way Facebook.

I have a solution- If you have another Facebook account you can able to create an old account (no page already created) you can create a page and shift that page access to your main account.

Page Something Went Wrong issue Solution

In this New Methon Using You Can Easily Solve Your Page Something Went Wrong issue can solve just a minute. If you using Facebook on App or Web and trying to create a new but can’t create a new page this method helps you to create a new page.

If u don’t understand please watch this video in full:

You Have Created too many pages recently. Please try again later.

You have been creating too many pages in a short amount of time. This is likely due to a rate limit set by the system to prevent excessive resource usage.

To ensure stability and reliability, the system temporarily restricts further page creation. Please wait for a while and try again later.

The duration of the restriction will depend on the system and the volume of page creation. By reducing the frequency of page creation, you can avoid encountering this restriction in the future. Take your time and create pages judiciously for optimal performance.

1. Check for Duplicate Pages

Before attempting to create a new page, it’s essential to check if you have any duplicate pages. Facebook only allows users to have a limited number of pages, and having duplicate pages may cause the “Too Many Pages Already Created” error. To check for duplicate pages, log into Facebook and go to the “Pages” section of your account settings.

2. Delete Unneeded Pages

If you have duplicate pages, delete the unneeded ones. To delete a page, go to the page you want to delete and click on the “Settings” button. Then, select “General,” and click on “Remove Page.”

3. Wait 24 Hours

If you have recently deleted a page, you may need to wait 24 hours before creating a new page. This is to ensure that Facebook has enough time to process the deletion.

4. Contact Facebook Support

If you are still unable to create a new page, you may need to contact Facebook Support. To do this, go to the “Help Center” on Facebook, select “Report a Problem,” and follow the prompts to contact support.


The “Too Many Pages Already Created” error on Facebook can be frustrating, but it is solvable. By checking for duplicate pages, deleting unneeded pages, waiting 24 hours, and contacting Facebook Support, you can resolve this issue and create a new Facebook page for your business or personal use.

In conclusion, the “Too Many Pages Already Created” error is a common problem on Facebook, but it can be resolved by following these steps. Whether you are using Facebook for business or personal use, it’s essential to have a functioning page to connect with others and promote your brand.

22 thoughts on “You Have Created too many pages recently. Please try again later. Facebook Page Problem?”

  1. I’ve never even created a page but yet my two Facebook accounts are giving me same error message..

  2. My name is Sunday Praise Morgan. I have no page attached to my account right now. I’ve not been able to create a page. I’ve been told too many pages already exist. Please resolve this as soon as possible

  3. I have created a new account for the purpose of creating new page.But it tells me that ,I have created many pages.How can you assist me on this??.

  4. My case is worse in the sense that I created the pages firstly but needed to delete them and after deleting the previous pages Facebook keeps restricting me from creating another.
    I’ve gone far by creating another account all to no avail 💔am broken cus my money is busy wasting in my business settings for affiliate marketing.I bought a FB account yet meta keep restricting me from creating another page

  5. I tried to open Facebook page for the first time but not successful despite repeated attempts, but a message of ” you have created many pages” kept up coming up to deny the process.
    Please help to resolve this challenge. Thanks


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