How to add a link on Instagram Story? 2024

Are you eager to include links in your Instagram Stories? We’ve got fantastic news for you, and it keeps getting better! Plus, we’re throwing in a nifty Instagram Story hack you’ll love.

The great news is that while the swipe-up feature on Instagram is no more, you can still insert links in your Stories using Instagram’s link stickers.

And the even better news? The 10,000-follower threshold for adding links to Stories is a thing of the past. In theory, anyone can now access link stickers on Instagram.

But that’s not all! We’re excited to share a simple hack that lets you customize your link sticker to match your brand’s style and design perfectly. Keep reading for the step-by-step guide.

the Instagram swipe-up feature?

In the past, the Instagram swipe-up feature was a powerful tool for brands and influencers to connect with their audiences and gain followers by directly adding links to their Instagram Stories.

Watching a Story on Instagram? Now, simply swipe up or tap the arrow at the bottom of the screen to easily access a link. No need to leave the app or go back to the bio for that hard-to-find ‘link in bio.

However, Instagram retired this feature in August 2021. But why?

There are a few theories, such as Instagram considering a vertical format like TikTok. But the real reasons, which we’ll discuss shortly, led to the retirement.

No worries! Enter the Instagram link sticker.

The Instagram link sticker takes the swipe-up feature’s place, allowing users to attach external links to their Instagram Stories.

Link stickers are a game-changer for driving traffic to external content and products on Instagram. Better yet, you can monitor link taps through Instagram analytics.

Instagram highlights three significant advantages of the link sticker over the swipe-up feature:

  1. Familiarity and Popularity: Users adore stickers for music, questions, locations, and polls, making them more engaging.
  2. Creative Control: Stickers offer more freedom to style Stories than swipe-up links.
  3. Viewer Engagement: Unlike swipe-up, stickers let viewers interact, fostering replies and reactions.

how to add a clickable link on Instagram story

Your Instagram Stories may last 24 hours, but adding a link sticker is a strategic move for higher conversions, increased organic engagement, and seamless content access for your followers.

Here’s the drill for adding a link sticker to your Instagram Story (it’s as easy as adding any other sticker):

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap the plus sign.
  2. Choose Story (not Post, Reel, or Live).
  3. Craft your Story using your stunning media.
  4. Hit the Sticker icon atop the screen.
  5. Enter the URL.
  6. Add text or a call to action for the sticker (e.g., ‘Tap to Read’).
  7. Place the sticker on your Story.
  8. Resize it by pinching.
  9. Tap to cycle through color options (blue, black, white, beige, and more).
  10. Share your Story, and you’re all set!

Your Story will look something like this:

Swipe Up Output
Swipe Up Output

Good news! If you have an Instagram account, you should be able to use the link sticker in your Stories—no need for the 10,000 followers mark.

However, as with all rollouts to a billion users, it takes time. Don’t fret if the sticker isn’t available yet; ensure your app is updated and cross your fingers. It will arrive eventually.

Pro tip: If you have insider connections on Instagram, a friendly note might do wonders!

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