How to add captions to Instagram stories

In today’s dynamic social media landscape, Instagram stands as one of the most popular apps, continually evolving to offer users exciting new options. One standout feature is the ability to seamlessly add captions to your Story videos.

In this guide, we’ll take you through simple steps on how to make the most of this functionality.

Add Instagram Story Videos with Captions on Your Mobile

Instagram, a social media giant, has elevated its user experience by introducing the option to include captions in your Story videos. This not only enables viewers to engage with videos when sound isn’t feasible but also opens up your world to followers with hearing impairments, fostering inclusivity.


Given that most Instagram users are active on mobile devices, we’ll delve into how to add captions to Instagram Stories on both Android and iPhone platforms. You have two options: automatic captions or crafting your own.

Automatic Instagram Captions for iPhone and Android

Opting for auto-generated captions eliminates the need for manual typing. While it’s a more convenient route, remember that clear speech is crucial since you can’t currently edit the generated text. Furthermore, auto-generation is currently available only in English and English-speaking countries, with expansion likely on the horizon.

The steps to add automatic captions are consistent for Android and iOS users:

  1. Open Instagram and tap Your Story.
  2. Create or upload your video.
  3. Select the sticker icon and choose Captions.
  4. Customize font, size, color, and placement of captions.
  5. Tap Done, then share to Your Story or Your Stories.

In a matter of moments, you’re done! This efficient process ensures your spoken words are visually presented, enhancing content accessibility.

Crafting Your Own Instagram Captions on Mobile

If you prefer personalized captions or if auto-generation isn’t available to you, crafting your own captions is the way to go:

  1. Access Your Story on the app.
  2. Add your video content.
  3. Tap the Aa icon at the top.
  4. Input your desired captions.
  5. Adjust font size, color, alignment, and more as needed.
  6. When satisfied, tap Done and share to Your Story or Your Stories.

Creating your own captions grants you control, simplifying viewer reading. To ensure clarity, remember to employ punctuation and appropriate spacing, avoiding large text blocks.

Mastering the Art of Instagram Caption Spacing

Effectively conveying clear and comprehensible text requires understanding how to add spaces in Instagram captions. Modern apps usually facilitate this by pressing Enter or Return. Alternatively, you can infuse character or emoji elements for engaging line breaks.

In Closing

Now equipped with the knowledge of incorporating captions into Instagram Stories, unlock their incredible advantages. Captions and video transcription foster heightened audience engagement, extending your reach. This principle holds true for other platforms as well. Elevate your follower count by offering enhanced accessibility to your posts!

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