How to see who saved your TikTok?

If you’re curious to know who saved your TikTok videos, there are a few simple steps you can take to find out. However, it’s important to note that TikTok currently doesn’t offer a built-in feature that allows users to see who has saved their videos. Nevertheless, there are a few workarounds that you can try.

Easiest Way Find who saved your TikTok

One of the easiest ways to see who saved your TikTok videos is to check your notifications. When someone saves your video, you’ll receive a notification that says, “user saved your video.”

You can access your notifications by tapping on the bell icon on your profile page. If you don’t see any notifications about video saves, it’s likely that nobody has saved your videos yet.

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Third-party Saves your Tiktok

Another way to find out who saved your TikTok videos is to use a third-party app or service. There are a few apps available on both the App Store and Google Play that claim to be able to track video saves.

However, it’s important to be cautious when using third-party apps and services, as they can potentially compromise your account security.

Don’t want anyone to save your TikTok videos

If you’re concerned about your privacy and don’t want anyone to save your TikTok videos, you can make your account private. This will limit the visibility of your videos to only your approved followers, and prevent them from being downloaded or saved by anyone who isn’t following you.

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Ultimately, while there isn’t a foolproof way to see who saved your TikTok videos, keeping an eye on your notifications and being mindful of your account privacy settings can help you stay in control of your content.

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